I started Outstanding Immigrants because I am so proud of the work that I do. I want everyone to know about my clients and the outstanding contributions that they are making to this country. Discussions about immigration always seem to focus on the "problem" of immigration. I want to talk about the benefits of immigration as well as shed some light on issues that legal immigrants face. Learn More.
University of Maryland $75K Startup Challenge

January 30, 2013

Attention: Outstanding Immigrants. The deadline for entering the Challenge is February 22nd. The Challenge is an intensive business model competition for UM College Park/UM Baltimore students, staff, faculty, postdocs and recent alumni to “leverage their talent and ideas….http://www.bpc.umd.edu/    

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Senators announce principles for immigration reform

January 29, 2013

On January 28th, the NYT published the “Bipartisan Framework for Immigration Reform”. Mind you I am very glad to see this. There is a section, however, that just, just….gets my Irish up. Apparently, the Senators see a need to improve our legal immigration system to “attract the world’s best and brightest”. To wit, “The United […]

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From the Fall of the Iron Curtain to Helping Children

May 4, 2012
Boris Gramatikov in his lab at the Wilmer Eye Institute

Profile of biomedical engineer and medical device developer Boris Gramatikov It’s tough to get young children to sit still, much less to get them to look in the same spot for any length of time.  This is likely not news to you.  And no, you haven’t stumbled upon a parenting advice column.  It’s about helping […]

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